All-round service from start to finish

Primex Steel Trading is your partner on equal terms. Reliable and strong, we offer you comprehensive services, individually tailored to your needs.

Our services at a glance:

  • Financial service
    • Financing for customers and manufacturers
    • Long-term contracts with fixed prices
    • Project financing
    • Securing of complex financing structures
    • Currency hedging
    • Price indexing
  • Logistics 
    • International transport, sea transport, bulk and container
    • Port handling
    • Domestic transport, inland water transport, rail and truck
  • Processing and just-in-time delivery
    • Storage, bufferstock
    • Contract rolling, Tolling
    • Documentation and online data transmission
  • Technical support
    • Supply Chain Management
    • Quality control / supplier audit
    • Development of new products / technical advice

Financial Service

Currency & country risks

For many years, we enjoy a close cooperation dealing with internationally reputable banks, credit insurers and financial partners in Germany and abroad. Based on long lasting experience and mutual trust we can offer tailor-made and flexible solutions for our customers and suppliers even in difficult markets. We also assist in brokering financing concepts, alternative forms of financing and provide support in the area of risk hedging.


As part of our worldwide activities, we arrange shipments and movements in the crosstrade as well as deliveries in combined traffic to the final destination. Container deliveries as well as stuffing & stripping are our daily business - customs clearance can also be arranged if necessary. Interim storage as well as deliveries 'on call' and consignment warehouses are well known to us. We take care of the issuance of all kinds of documents, including L/C documents, adapted to the respective requirements of the proveniences and destinations. Upon request, a transport insurance can be covered. (INCOTERMS can be found here.)


Just-in-Time Delivery

Primex Steel Trading focuses on the procurement and delivery of steel for various industries. We act as an intermediary between end-customers and steel manufacturers. To meet all the needs of our customers, we provide a complete service that covers the entire supply chain, including processing and just-in-time delivery. We create added value for our customers by understanding complex requirements, translating them into "steel language" and instructing the steelworks accordingly. In cooperation with the manufacturers, steel products can be melted, casted, rolled or tested on request.